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Mathieu is a committed citizen who believes in a just and inclusive Canada that benefits all, not just the privileged and friends of power. That is why he is involved with the NDP and wants to have the voice of all Saint-Laurent residents heard.

Witnessing the difficulties of the middle class, he made it his duty to defend those who work hard and who have been left behind by an economy that excludes too many people. Along with the NDP's team, Mathieu is fighting for high-paying jobs and is determined to build a fair economy.

Passionate about travel and discovery, Mathieu began his professional life by completing his pilot's license. He understands the importance of supporting the aerospace industry, which is not only one of the flagships of our economy, but also a very important industry in Saint-Laurent. Mathieu then studied social sciences and history at UQAM in order to obtain a bachelor of arts degree. He is currently studying international relations at TÉLUQ.

Active with the cadets since the age of 12, he worked as an officer and dealt with young people aged 12 to 18 years. This enabled him to gain experience as a leader in the community. He continues to volunteer with the cadets.

A fervent cyclist and a big fan of the Montreal Impact, Mathieu wants to promote physical activity for a society with a healthier lifestyle and a more active youth. Moreover, being an outdoor and nature lover, he would like to promote investments in public transport to protect the environment.

Mathieu is the proud father of Olivia, 2 years old. His wife Pamela and he eagerly await the birth of another child in August.